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Terms of service

Note: All photos, colours and sizes are indicative and we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions. All products are intended for domestic/home use and warranties do not cover damage caused by improper use. We encourage you to contact us to confirm availability and pricing of products as our catalogue may change without prior notice.


There is a minimum of $100 for all orders.


SM Designer Furniture is committed to efficient and effective delivery of your order. Please provide us with a delivery address where deliveries can be made during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. A Post Office BOX cannot be accepted. 

Please email first for a delivery quote to -   enquiries@smdesignerfurniture.com.au

Once you’ve placed and paid for your order, we will email you an Invoice which contains items ordered, the total of your order and the outstanding delivery charge that must be paid before we can ship the goods. If a large order has been placed and only a deposit paid, we will need to receive the outstanding amount before contacting you to arrange a delivery time. However if you pay in full at the outset, this Invoice serves as a receipt and you will be contacted to arrange delivery. Orders are usually shipped between 3 to 14 days at most, depending on your location and from receipt of payment. 

Please check the goods carefully upon receiving them, as you will be required to sign off that they have been received in good order and free of damage and defect. In the case where damage has been sighted, make sure it is noted upon the delivery receipt on arrival of the goods and contact us.


Futile deliveries are described as “where the courier has attempted to deliver the goods with the full knowledge of the customer and there has been no-one available to receive the goods”. This then leads to the courier having to return the goods to their despatch and book a new delivery schedule with the customer, which will incur new delivery charges from the courier. Futile deliveries are the responsibility of the customer and any subsequent charges will need to be paid before the goods are booked in for a new delivery.


Due to popularity or interruption of supply, some items may be unavailable or out of stock. But we will endeavour to keep stocks updated frequently.


Please choose carefully SM Designer Furniture does not normally give refunds if you change your mind or make a wrong decision.

SM Designer Furniture accepts responsibility only for goods that are, within the 12 month warranty period and have been found faulty, and not working due to electrical related issues.

A credit for these goods will only be accepted for WRITTEN REQUESTS made within 12 months from invoice date.

Goods that are of poor workmanship a credit for these goods will only be accepted for WRITTEN REQUESTS made within 14days from invoice date.